OfferAHand_1Patients filling out Health History Forms and awaiting for dental, eye and medical consultations

OfferAHand_2HAADS volunteers

OfferAHand_3Dr. Phuc Nguyen is performing dental exam on a patient while Helen Tsao (4th year dental student) is recording treatment plan and Nancy Du (FACW volunteer) helps providing light

OfferAHand_4Members of the Lions Club, Vietnamese Chapter in Houston and the Houston Women Association

OfferAHand_5A patient is having her eyes examined by Dr. Diep Dinh

OfferAHand_6Members of the Federation Of Vietnamese Au Co Women posed with Ms. Thanh-Tam (green shirt), VietFace TV correspondent

OfferAHand_7Dr. Dieu-Thao Nguyen, pharmacist, is giving consultation and blood glucose testing to an elderly patient while Dr. Michael Hoa, SGN TV correspondent, is preparing to give an interview

OfferAHand_8Dr. Hieu Trong Do, optometrist, and his wife, Linda, received a gift from a patient

OfferAHand_9Dr. Anh Do and Dr. Ban Vu are giving advice to patients about their blood pressure